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Gyms closed? No Problem! Train safely from home & get better results!

TONE, TIGHTEN & FIRM YOUR HIPS & BUTTOCKS IN 30 DAYS! Pelvic Muscle Hip Trainer is your new MUST-HAVE exercise equipment! It even helps to improve your posture if you spend a considerable amount of time sitting behind a desk or any other sedentary job.

No diet, no injections, no medicine, shaping the hip line,
let you have a charming body Female pelvic floor muscle shaping: Helps women to have confidence and beauty, thus improving the couple's life, body anti-aging, gynecological diseases and gender harmony. Shape the hip line, enhance the hip curve and have a sexy figure.

Specifically targeting the pelvic floor muscles and help in a pelvic correction. Tones & tightens thighs, buttocks, and lower abdominal muscles. Improves bladder control and prevent embarrassing accidents. Increased blood flow to your vaginal muscles will give you more pleasure and stronger orgasms.

Trusted and supported by Women's Health Magazine to "slim, shape and tighten inner thighs, hips, and buttocks."

Lets you start with low tension at first and dial the gear higher as your muscles get stronger.

Noticeable improvement in just 4 weeks

Tighten your hip & butt anytime & anywhere you want.

Resistance band training has been shown to be a "feasible alternative" to lifting weights when it comes to activating your muscles, according to recent research published in the Journal of Human Kinetics. The studies authors compared muscle activation during upper-body strength training exercises with dumbbells versus free weights and found the the results to be very similar. They believe that the instability created by the bands is what causes muscle fibers to fire even more, in some cases, than with free weights.

What's more,resistance bands are a simple and versatile tool to work your muscles,since they use constant tension to stimulate muscle growth, without putting strain on your joints the way heavy weights can. They can improve flexibility, mobility, and strength.

This is all great news, especially if you like to travel or are looking for something to supplement your traditional strength training program. Unlike dumbbells and medicine balls, you can toss resistance bands in your suitcase, store them in a drawer in your living room—heck you can even keep them in your purse.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you only ever purchase one piece of exercise equipment in your life, it should be a pack of resistance bands. I’m talking specifically about the looped ones known as mini bands. I believe in their powers wholeheartedly. I have a set at home and I keep a set at my desk. I take them with me every single time I travel, whether by car, plane, or train. They’re that good."

———— Vania V.

I consider this one of my most valuable home gym additions. You can never go wrong with resistance bands, and being able to anchor them to any door makes them that much more valuable. Every part of this set is extremely well made, from the bands to the straps to the anchors. This is not a cheap set you'll need to replace in a year or two. The bands and straps are both thick and durable. They'll certainly last a very long time. The anchors are high-quality and I absolutely don't worry about them breaking. This is a QUALITY set that's versatile and easy to use in so many different ways. You can easily get in a full-body workout. Hate using hotel gyms when you're traveling? Pack these up and take your gym with you. They're so versatile and easy to use, you just can't not love these bands!"

———— Derek