Having a hard time doing sit-ups without someone or something pinning down your feet for you? You need the 4-tube yoga resistance band!

This is a resistance band with 4 elastic tubes and foam handles that makes sit-ups, shoulder training, hand training, leg training, and waist-hip training accessible for you without any assistance. It makes you put even more power into your basic exercise, as a result adding new dimensions to your body's definition and increases your overall flexibility.

Training with the resistance bands may not only assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle. It can also prevent getting a cervical spine and lumbar pain. Keep your back straight, relieve back pain with the use of this equipment.

This resistance training tool effectively workouts your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and butt. It is not the only way to lose your fat by exercising with our tummy trimmer but also a way to shape your body. It can be used both standing and sitting or a different method of exercise. Portable and lightweight making it easy to store and can be used anywhere anytime even in the office!



1. Waist Exercised - Footing flat on the fixed footrest, holding the handle. With the tube, it is flexible to do a sit-up. It can consume twice calories than usual sit-ups.

2. Leg Exercised - Lying on the yoga mat, holding on the handle, and footing on the footrest. Legs bent at a 90° angle and force forward. Recommendation 15 times each. It can effectively exercise and strengthen the waist and thigh muscles.

3. Shoulder Exercised - Shoulder Exercised: Standing still and footing on the footrest, hold on the handle firmly pull up and down. Recommendation 15 times each, repeat 2-3 group. It can prevent a frozen shoulder, increasing the flexibility of the shoulder.